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The wiki contains documentation about the ROHC library and the ROHC protocol itself. **Note: the creation of wiki accounts is disabled due to spam; if you want an account, ask for it on the [[|project mailing list]].** ====== ROHC protocol ====== The [[rohc-protocol|RObust Header Compression (ROHC) protocol]] aims at reducing bandwidth usage on network links with limited capacity or expensive costs, such as mobile networks or satellite links. It defines a lossless compression scheme for network headers. It leaves the network payload unchanged. The resources below describes the ROHC protocol in more details: * [[rohc-protocol|Introduction to the ROHC protocol]] * [[glossary|Glossary]] ====== ROHC library ====== The ROHC library aims to implement the [[rohc-protocol|ROHC protocol]] as defined by the [[|IETF]] in the [[library-compliance-rfcs|RFC standards]]. See the [[library|dedicated page about the ROHC library]] to read more about: * Installation * Using existing tools and applications * Develop your own application * Hacking the library ====== Applications ====== This section lists some of the applications based on the ROHC library. Some are developed within the ROHC library itself because they are useful as debug tools; some are developed in external locations to allow them to evolve at their own pace. Supported applications: * [[rohc-sniffer|ROHC sniffer]] * [[rohc-stats|ROHC statistics]] * [[iprohc-overview|IP/ROHC tunnel]] For archive, deprecated applications: * [[rohc-over-udp-tunnel|ROHC over UDP tunnel]] (deprecated in 1.7.0, removed in 2.0.0) * [[rohc-fuzzer|ROHC fuzzer]] (removed in 2.0.0) ====== Python binding ====== * How to [[python-install|build and install the Python binding of the ROHC library]] on your system? * How to [[python-usage|use the Python binding of the ROHC library]] on your system? ====== Maintainer resources ====== * How to [[library-create-release|make a new library release]]? * [[library-references|Places where the library is referenced]]

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