Developer resources

The developer section gives you the mean to test, debug, fix and enhance the ROHC library. The section is intended for developers who want to dig into the library itself, not for developers who want to use the library in their application. For the later, see the support section.

Project roadmap

The project roadmap lists the features and bugs that are planned for inclusion in a future release. Any help on listed features/bugs will be appreciated.

Source code

The source code of the library is available through the Git DVCS.


The bugtracker page gives you pointers on the bug reports per code branches. It also gives advices for the people who want to open a new bug report.

Continuous integration

The ROHC project uses continuous integration to increase its QA.


Next major release: 2.3.0 Git branch roadmap

Current stable release: 2.2.0 download release notes

Previous stable release: 2.1.0 download release notes

FAQ & Mailing lists

If you encounter problems with the developer resources, search for answers in the FAQ database.

If you didn't find any answer, ask your questions on the mailing lists.


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Viveris Technologies
provides to the project the skills of its engineering teams in the telecommunications, network and Linux fields.

Viveris Technologies proposes the knowledge and expertise gained on the ROHC library to companies and people that are interested in network header compression, but do not have the skills or the time to integrate the ROHC mechanisms in their application or infrastructure.

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