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ipv6.h File Reference

Defines the IPv6 header. More...

#include <stdint.h>
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Data Structures

struct  ipv6_addr
 The IPv6 address. More...
struct  ipv6_hdr
 The IPv6 header. More...


#define ip6_vfc   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un2_vfc
#define ip6_flow   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_flow
#define ip6_plen   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_plen
#define ip6_nxt   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_nxt
#define ip6_hlim   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_hlim
#define ip6_hops   ip6_ctlun.ip6_un1.ip6_un1_hlim


struct ipv6_addr __attribute__ ((packed))


union {
   uint8_t   u8 [16]
   uint16_t   u16 [8]
   uint32_t   u32 [4]
union {
   struct ip6_hdrctl {
      uint32_t   ip6_un1_flow
      uint16_t   ip6_un1_plen
      uint8_t   ip6_un1_nxt
      uint8_t   ip6_un1_hlim
   }   ip6_un1
   uint8_t   ip6_un2_vfc
struct ipv6_addr ip6_src
struct ipv6_addr ip6_dst

Detailed Description

Defines the IPv6 header.

Free Software Foundation, Inc

This file contains a part of netinet/ip6.h from the GNU C library. It is copied here to be portable on all platforms, even the platforms that miss the declarations or got different declarations, such as Microsoft Windows or FreeBSD.

Define Documentation

Function Documentation

struct ipv6_addr __attribute__ ( (packed)  )

Variable Documentation

union { ... } addr
union { ... } ip6_ctlun
struct { ... } ip6_hdrctl ip6_un1
uint32_t ip6_un1_flow
uint8_t ip6_un1_hlim
uint8_t ip6_un1_nxt
uint16_t ip6_un1_plen
uint8_t ip6_un2_vfc
uint16_t u16[8]
uint32_t u32[4]
uint8_t u8[16]