ROHC compression/decompression library
Data Fields
ipv4_hdr Struct Reference

The IPv4 header. More...

#include <ipv4.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t ihl:4
uint8_t version:4
uint8_t tos
uint16_t tot_len
uint16_t id
uint16_t frag_off
uint8_t ttl
uint8_t protocol
uint16_t check
uint32_t saddr
uint32_t daddr

Detailed Description

The IPv4 header.

Field Documentation

uint16_t ipv4_hdr::check

Referenced by compute_crc_dynamic().

uint32_t ipv4_hdr::daddr
uint16_t ipv4_hdr::id

Referenced by ipv4_get_id_nbo(), and ipv4_set_id().

uint8_t ipv4_hdr::ihl

Referenced by ip_get_hdrlen(), and ip_get_plen().

uint32_t ipv4_hdr::saddr
uint8_t ipv4_hdr::tos
uint8_t ipv4_hdr::ttl

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