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ipv4.h File Reference

Defines the IPv4 header. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "config.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ipv4_hdr
 The IPv4 header. More...


#define IP_RF   0x8000 /* reserved fragment flag */
#define IP_DF   0x4000 /* dont fragment flag */
#define IP_MF   0x2000 /* more fragments flag */
#define IP_OFFMASK   0x1fff /* mask for fragmenting bits */


struct ipv4_hdr __attribute__ ((packed))


uint8_t ihl
uint8_t version
uint8_t tos
uint16_t tot_len
uint16_t id
uint16_t frag_off
uint8_t ttl
uint8_t protocol
uint16_t check
uint32_t saddr
uint32_t daddr

Detailed Description

Defines the IPv4 header.

Free Software Foundation, Inc

This file contains a part of netinet/ip.h from the GNU C library. It is copied here to be portable on all platforms, even the platforms that miss the declarations or got different declarations, such as Microsoft Windows or FreeBSD.

Define Documentation

#define IP_DF   0x4000 /* dont fragment flag */

Referenced by ip_is_fragment().

#define IP_MF   0x2000 /* more fragments flag */
#define IP_OFFMASK   0x1fff /* mask for fragmenting bits */
#define IP_RF   0x8000 /* reserved fragment flag */

Function Documentation

struct ipv4_hdr __attribute__ ( (packed)  )

Variable Documentation

uint16_t check
uint32_t daddr
uint16_t frag_off
uint16_t id
uint8_t ihl
uint8_t protocol
uint32_t saddr
uint8_t tos
uint16_t tot_len
uint8_t ttl
uint8_t version