ROHC compression/decompression library
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rohc_decomp_internals.h File Reference

Internal structures for ROHC decompression. More...

#include "rohc.h"
#include "rohc_comp.h"
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Data Structures

struct  d_statistics
 Some compressor statistics. More...
struct  rohc_decomp
 The ROHC decompressor. More...
struct  d_context
 The ROHC decompression context. More...
struct  d_profile
 The ROHC decompression profile. More...


#define D_NUM_PROFILES   6
#define rohc_decomp_debug(context, format,...)
#define ROHC_MAX_MRRU   65535


void d_change_mode_feedback (struct rohc_decomp *decomp, struct d_context *context)
 Create a feedback ACK packet telling the compressor to change state.

Detailed Description

Internal structures for ROHC decompression.

Didier Barvaux <>
Didier Barvaux <>
The hackers from ROHC for Linux
David Moreau from TAS

Define Documentation

#define D_NUM_PROFILES   6

The number of ROHC profiles ready to be used

Referenced by rohc_d_statistics().

#define rohc_decomp_debug (   context,
rohc_debug((context)->decompressor, ROHC_TRACE_DECOMP, \
                   (context)->profile->id, \
                   format, ##__VA_ARGS__)

Print a debug trace for the given decompression context

Referenced by d_generic_decode(), ip_parse_dynamic_ip(), and udp_parse_static_udp().

#define ROHC_MAX_MRRU   65535

The maximal value for MRRU

Function Documentation

void d_change_mode_feedback ( struct rohc_decomp decomp,
struct d_context context